Castlevania Vampire Killer 3D Print Files



Please watch the video on the assembly of this, as it will have some great pointers on how to make this prop the best it can be!

While watching the Netflix Anime version of Castlevania, I was reminded how much I remember being curled up in my basement on an old couch, my CRT televison bathing me in the gentle glow of glorious 16 bit graphics as I played Super Castlevania IV. I loved that game and it formed a lot of my enjoyment of gothic design and moody design. So when thinking about my first 3d printer project, I decided it was time to build the vampire killer whip and this is the resulting prop!

This is not an exact replica of the Vampire Killer, but my interpretation of this amazing and iconic whip!

File contains everything to print on an FDM printer the Belmont whip.

You will need to also get 9” of 1” SDR-21 200 PSI 1120 PVC for the handle.

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