Commander Crypt Deck Box – Zeus – 3d printed



This is a Pre-printed Magic the Gathering deck/play box for Commander, this is a finished item and not a 3d printer file.

Please Contact me at if interested in being put on a waiting list!  I design things for fun, and sometimes moving into production can be a slow process! đŸ™‚

This box is  printed in Black, and dry brushed grey to give the effect seen.

This Includes a single Insert coin.  Choose from, Fire, Water, Sun, Skull and Tree! More coins sets coming in the future!

Shipping is a flat rate ($20 US and $30 Can) as it costs as much to ship 4 or 1 of them.  Canadian shipping in particular is brutal.

I have been a magic player on and off since 1996, with the advent of commander I found a format I really enjoyed. I buy just pre-con decks and play with friends on a super casual format. I always found though my biggest frustration was knocking over my library of 100 sleeves slippy cards far more often than I liked! So being a bit of an inventor and designer, I designed in CAD the exact box I had always wanted, a play box that assists in playing while addressing the issue. This is a 3d printed item, so while I try to keep one or two in stock, I only have a single printer right now so if you order one, there will be the small lag when I print it. I print these in PETG Filament for added strength, and while strong, they are not the strongest when it comes to being dropped, this is a playbox with a secondary function as a storage box (If the professor drops one of these I will die a bit inside).  The top of the box becomes the discard/graveyard pile, and the bottom is used as the library.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 12.7 × 10.16 × 10.16 cm

Black, Drybrushed Black, BGO Chameleon